St Patrick's Weekend

This year we have two special events to celebrate our annual St. Patrick's Day tradition. Since we know that our people like to dance and that the Brasserie Vis-à-Vis (Luxembourg City) is far too small to even dare moving your hips, we have decided to give a concert the day before St. Patrick's Day (16.3) in a very special club: 'L'Entrepôt' (Arlon) with 'The Thousand Sails' ('The Pogues' Tribute Band). After a night full of celebrations, drinking, dancing and live music, we invite you the next day to come to the Brasserie Vis-à-Vis for an acoustic folk night. A special occasion to experience our songs acoustically in a very intimate atmosphere. We are really looking forward to both events and hope to see you there as well. Sláinte!

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