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Whoever is looking for party-style folk and rock music, would not necessarily think of Luxembourg as a first choice. However, if you risk taking a look across the border, you’ll definitely make a find in the small Grand-Duchy when it comes to folk-rock passion. The top of the Luxembourgish music industry includes the 8 members of Schëppe Siwen – and not just since their release of the official anthem for the ice hockey world cup 2014 (“Fight”).

Founded more or less as a joke in a cult bar called „Vis-à-vis“, the band, which at the beginning was acting as a trio, has become a true folk-rock crowd puller over the past ten years.

On their first album, the band presented itself with a rough and fast sound, which was varied and multi-faceted in the second and third studio album.

Even outside of the country‘s borders, the mixture of folk, rock, pop, punk, reggae and ska combined with Luxembourgish lyrics doesn’t remain unnoticed. Anyone who has been able to experience the band as opening acts for musicians such as The Levellers, Carlos Núñez and the Red Hot Chilli Pipers, knows what to expect: a lot of sweat, a lot of dancing and a spectacular concert experience.


Auf der Suche nach partytauglichen Sounds aus den Bereichen Folk und Rock stolpert man nicht zwangsläufig als erstes über die luxemburgische Staatsgrenze. Wer jedoch einen Blick über den Szene-Tellerrand riskiert, der wird in puncto Folkrock-Leidenschaft auch im kleinen Großherzogtum fündig.
Zu den Speerspitzen der luxemburgischen Musikbranche gehören auch die acht Damen und Herren von Schëppe Siwen – und das nicht erst seit der Veröffentlichung der offiziellen Hymne für die Eishockeyweltmeisterschaft 2014 („Fight“).
Mehr oder weniger aus einem Jux heraus in einer Kult-Bar namens „Vis-à-vis“ gegründet, entwickelt sich die zu Beginn noch als Trio fungierende Band in den vergangenen zehn Jahren zu einem wahren Folkrock-Publikumsmagneten. In ihrem ersten Album präsentierte sich die Band noch mit einem rauen und schnellen Sound, der im zweiten Studioalbum variierter und facettenreicher wurde.
„Irgendwo zwischen Ska, Polka, Folk, Rock, Volksmusik und stimmgewordener Spitzbübigkeit ist dieses Album derart vollgepfropft mit Details, dass ein Satthören kaum möglich ist. Und nochmals: So – und kein Stück anders – klingt die Kombination aus Bewährtem und innovativem Folk!“ (, 2018)
Auch außerhalb der heimatlichen Landesgrenzen sorgt die spritzige Mixtur aus Folk, Rock, Pop, Punk, Reggae und Ska im Verbund mit luxemburgischen Texten für viel Aufsehen. Selbst im fernen Amerika bleibt kein Auge trocken und kein Bein mehr auf dem Boden stehen, als die sympathischen Folkrocker im Jahr 2016 ihre bis dato größte Reise antreten.
Im Hier und Jetzt soll nun der deutschsprachige Raum vermehrt in den Live-Fokus rücken.
Mit dem aktuellen Album „Wat bleift“ und jeder Menge Spaß und guter Laune im Gepäck soll es 2020 zwischen München und Kiel in Clubs und auf Festivalbühnen so richtig knallen.
„Die Band verfügt über außergewöhnlich gute Musiker, die ausgezeichneten Folkrock machen. […] In ihrer Heimat gehören sie längst zu den ganz bekannten Acts – wetten, dass das auch bald für Deutschland gilt? Sie haben das Zeug dazu." (Haiangriff, 2018)
Wer die Band bereits im Vorprogramm von Größen wie The Levellers, Carlos Núñez und den Red Hot Chilli Pipers bewundern durfte, der weiß, was ihn erwartet; nämlich viel Schweiß, viel Bewegung und spektakuläre Konzerterlebnisse, die man getrost unter dem Party-Motto zusammenfassen kann: Mittendrin statt nur dabei.





Jojo_Violin & Lead Vocal

Initiated to the violin in the Suzuki school at the age of 4, Jojo joined one year later the Conservatory of Luxembourg to study musical theory and classical violin for more than 15 years with Darko Kodzas and Pierre Laurent. He participated in various projects, among others a cooperation with the ‘Henschel Quartett’ in the Philharmonie Luxembourg as well as different musical ventures with the University of Luxembourg (Quatuor à cordes & orchestre de chambre) and the 'Eimsbütteler Kammerorchester' (Hamburg).

A vast range of music styles, such as Classical Music, Folk, Country, Hip-hop and Punkrock influenced his musical background. Fascinated by the gypsy, the klezmer and the celtic music, he started by the end of 2009 with two of his childhood friends a new project, where he developed his improvisation skills and (re)learned to compose. The Band Schëppe Siwen was born. As of today, he still manages to maintain various classical projects, such as 'JJ Gitans' (Gypsy Jazz Fusion) and 'Magic Moments' (Classics, Chansons, etc).

On stage, he surprises the audience with his charismatic and dynamic demeanor.


Lio_Guitar & Vocal

Lio est le guitariste du groupe Schëppe Siwen. Très jeune, il a pris goût à jouer de la guitare lorsqu'il a reçu de sa grand-mère, le précieux instrument à 6 cordes qui dormait au grenier. C'est en effleurant les 6 cordes qu'il a ressenti immédiatement le sens du rythme et des mélodies. Issu d'une famille de musiciens et après avoir fréquenté des écoles de musique, son esprit était toujours axé sur l'envie de monter sur scène et de partager sa passion en groupe.

Depuis 2009, il est co-fondateur du groupe avec Jojo et Chris. Sur scène, Lio adore interagir avec le public dans un esprit d'échange, de joie et d'émotions.

Lionel est aussi le graphiste de Schëppe Siwen. Après avoir créé le logo du groupe, il a enchaîné avec le layout et la mise en page des 3 disques. Chaque illustration est dessinée à la main et retravaillée sur l’ordinateur. Il prend du plaisir à confectionner des affiches pour les concerts.

C'est dans le cadre de son travail au Mailing service qu'il réalise ses idées avec l'appui de personnes en situation de handicap, p.ex. le collage de stickers sur de petites bouteilles "Drëppe Siwen" que vous trouverez à chaque concert de Schëppe Siwen!



Inspired by all kinds of music, Chris spent his childhood rummaging for hours through the enormous record collection of his father in the attic. After an introduction to playing the drums at the music school, he quickly set up his own mixing console and started mixing hip-hop beats. He often arranged songs with his childhood friend Jojo during their improvisation sessions. In the years that followed, he had numerous appearances as Deejay in various clubs, where he always managed to make the audience dance. He is a founding member of Schëppe Siwen and runs the cult bar Vis-à-vis, where the band celebrates its annual anniversary on St. Patrick's Day.



Born in 1989, Isabelle began to play the accordion at the age of nine. After three years in the UGDA, she joined the class of the accordionist Maurizio Spiridigliozzi (Conservatory of Luxembourg), who still teaches her to this day. Her fascination for the accordion began in the Folklore Dance Classes, where she had her first encounter with this instrument and the folk music as such. During her musical career, she played in various ensembles (including the ‘Ensemble d’Accordéon du Conservatoire de Luxembourg’) and has often appeared as a soloist on stage. She was introduced to Schëppe Siwen by her teacher Maurizio and joined the band in 2012. The good atmosphere among the band members, the lively concerts as well as the love and interest in folk music motivates her to continue her musical path. As of today she is part of the Duo ‘Magic Moments’ (accordion and violin) and studies musical therapy in Berlin.



Born in the early ‘60s in Vienna, he was influenced by the jazz, blues and pop of the ‘70s.  He started his musical career as an autodidact in electrical guitar before learning to play keyboard in a music school. His first encounter with the electric bass was with Marc Demuth, who taught him a different approach to music. Then Pol Belardi deepened his knowledge about harmonics and helped him to improve his technical skills. During this period, he met Remo Cavallini, who introduced him to the world of blues and rock. Embedded in this musical background, he joined the Folkrockband Schëppe Siwen towards the end of the year 2015. With his rock and blues background, he managed to bring his own color to S7’s mixture of Folkrock, Balkan and Ska.



Pier started his musical career at the age of eight, where he began to take Solfeggio lessons in the UGDA and later on in the Conservatory of Luxembourg. His passion for the trumpet developed through the desire to play the main themes and melodies of his favorite radio tunes. At the age of 10, he joined the Bertrange Orchestra, where he still plays the first trumpet to this day.

As a teenager, he was caught between the world of basketball and the world of music. Due to the many injuries he suffered while playing for Sparta Bertrange, he decided after completing his studies, to focus more on the music. He supported many different brass bands and various Luxemburgish music ensembles such as the “Bartrenger Bléiser” among others.

In 2014, Pier performed for the first time with Schëppe Siwen at the opening of the IIHF World Championship Div. III on the ice rink in Kockelscheuer. With his incredibly precise and clear trumpet sound, he gave the song a special character and convinced the band to permanently include the trumpet in their music. On stage, Pier enchants the audience with his groovy trumpet sound, which perfectly fits the dynamic style of Schëppe Siwen.



Marc grew up in a family of musicians and was introduced to the trumpet by his father, who was himself a trumpet player. Marc got his music education in the UGDA and the Conservatory of Luxembourg City from early age on. Throughout the years, his passion for music never ceased, even though he chose to become a professional sports teacher.

Since the age of 10, he’s playing with Pier and Titi in the music ensemble of Bertrange as well as in the “Bartrénger Bléiser”, a brass band that musically accompanies sport events such as basketball games or the ING Night Marathon.

After the band Schëppe Siwen decided to include a brass section, Marc chose to support Pier in this challenge. He is a passionate trumpet player, who animates the crowd with spontaneous, interactive impulses during the live sets. When not playing the trumpet on stage, he supports the drummer with his beloved tambourine.



Titi’s love for music has its roots in early childhood. His first contact with classical music was during the ‘early musical education’ (‘éveil musical’). After this notable encounter, he decided to start his music career. He took trumpet lessons and joined the Orchestra of Bertrange. During his school days, he changed high school to get an education with a special focus on music. At the Conservatory of Luxembourg, he continued his classical music education by solfeggio, harmony, classical trumpet lessons and began at the same time a music education with emphasis on jazz theory and harmony. He joined a jazz ensemble and began learning jazz trumpet. Nowadays Titi plays not only trumpet with Schëppe Siwen, but also in various other music groups, including the orchestra of Bertrange and Schifflange as well as the big band "Crazy Cube".