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"This is the kind of band that kills it live on stage"





Hailing from picturesque landscapes of Luxembourg, Schëppe Siwen emerges as a vibrant force on the European music scene, combining the raw energy and rebellious spirit of punk with the rich diversity of folk traditions.

Formed in December 2009 by a trio of visionary musicians, Schëppe Siwen embarked on an electrifying journey that has captivated audiences across Europe and even made waves across the Atlantic with a memorable performance in America. Now boasting a lineup of ten talented members, including four trumpeters, a flautist, an accordionist, a bassist, a drummer, a dynamic violinist and singer, and a guitarist whose stage presence is as electrifying as his riffs, Schëppe Siwen offers a sonic experience like no other. Drawing inspiration from a myriad of influences spanning folklore, punk, classical, hip-hop, rock, reggae and ska, their music transcends boundaries and defies categorisation. Schëppe Siwen's impact extends far beyond their music, as they support various social causes.


Their success is underscored by the release of four albums, including a captivating live recording that encapsulates the essence of their explosive performances. What sets Schëppe Siwen apart is their magnetic stage presence and contagious energy, guided by a charismatic frontman whose captivating vocals resonate in the rare and fascinating language of Luxembourgish. The guitarist amplifies this dynamic, electrifying the stage with each chord and riff he strums, capturing attention with his unstoppable energy and infectious enthusiasm. Coupled with the band's compelling choreography, they collectively inspire the audience to partake in the festivities and immerse themselves in the music. Dressed impeccably in chic attire adorned with stylish hats and flat caps, Schëppe Siwen exudes an air of bohemian elegance that complements their eclectic sound.


Their appearances at renowned festivals such as the Schots Weekend in Limburg, the Schlossgrabenfest in Darmstadt, and the E-Lake Festival in Luxembourg testify to their ability to captivate audiences of all ages with their mesmerizing music. Looking ahead, Schëppe Siwen shows no signs of slowing down. With a new album set for release in the fall of 2024 and a highly anticipated tour of Belgium, Germany, the Netherlands, and Luxembourg in 2025, the future looks bright for this groundbreaking ensemble. Join them on their exciting musical odyssey, where every note is characterized by passion, determination, and unbridled creativity.




Initiated to the violin in the Suzuki school at the age of 4, Jojo joined one year later the Conservatory of Luxembourg to study musical theory and classical violin for more than 15 years with Darko Kodzas and Pierre Laurent (among others). He participated in various projects e.g. a cooperation with the ‘Henschel Quartett’ in the Philharmonie Luxembourg as well as different musical ventures with the University of Luxembourg (Quatuor à cordes & orchestre de chambre) and the 'Eimsbütteler Kammerorchester' (Hamburg).

A vast range of music styles, such as Classical Music, Folk, Country, Hip-hop and Punkrock influenced his musical background. Fascinated by the gypsy, the klezmer and the celtic music, he started by the end of 2009 with two of his childhood friends a new project, where he developed his improvisation skills and (re)learned to compose. The Band Schëppe Siwen was born.

On stage, he surprises the audience with his charismatic and dynamic demeanor.




Already at a very young age, Lionel got a taste for playing the guitar when his grandmother gave him the precious 6-stringed instrument that was sleeping in the attic. Coming from a family of musicians and having attended music schools, his mind was always focused on the desire to get on stage and share his passion in a group. Since 2009, he is co-founder of the band with Jojo and Chris. Lionel is also the graphic designer of Schëppe Siwen. After creating the band's logo, he went on to design the layout of the three albums. Each illustration is drawn by hand and reworked on the computer.

drum website.jpg



Philippe, our newest member of the team, discovered his passion for the drums at the age of 4. After several years of lessons at the Luxembourg Conservatory, he decided to join the Luxembourg army as a professional musician in 2019. After successfully completing his basic training, he decided to broaden his horizons by preparing for his "diplôme supérieur" in percussion, studying at the Hochschule für Musik Saar and founding his own band, The Cookies. Besides drums and percussion, Philippe also plays piano, jazz vibraphone and trombone. He also enjoys composing and producing his own songs and brings his unique colour to the sound of Schëppe Siwen.




Born in 1989, Isabelle began to play the accordion at the age of nine. After three years in the UGDA, she joined the class of the accordionist Maurizio Spiridigliozzi (Conservatory of Luxembourg), who still teaches her to this day. Her fascination for the accordion began in the Folklore Dance Classes, where she had her first encounter with this instrument and the folk music as such. During her musical career, she played in various ensembles (including the ‘Ensemble d’Accordéon du Conservatoire de Luxembourg’) and has often appeared as a soloist on stage. She was introduced to Schëppe Siwen by her teacher Maurizio and joined the band in 2012. The good atmosphere among the band members, the lively concerts as well as the love and interest in folk music motivates her to continue her musical path. As of today she also works as a music pedagogue in Luxembourg.




Born in the early ‘60s in Vienna, he was influenced by the jazz, blues and pop of the ‘70s.

He started his musical career as an autodidact in electrical guitar before learning to play keyboard in a music school. His first encounter with the electric bass was with Marc Demuth, who taught him a different approach to music. Then Pol Belardi deepened his knowledge about harmonics and helped him to improve his technical skills. During this period, he met Remo Cavallini, who introduced him to the world of blues and rock. Embedded in this musical background, he joined the Folkrockband Schëppe Siwen towards the end of the year 2015. With his rock and blues background, he managed to bring his own color to S7’s mixture of Folkrock, Balkan and Ska.

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Pier started his musical career at the age of eight, where he began to take Solfeggio lessons in the UGDA and later on in the Conservatory of Luxembourg. His passion for the trumpet developed through the desire to play the main themes and melodies of his favorite radio tunes. At the age of 10, he joined the Bertrange Orchestra, where he still plays the first trumpet to this day.

As a teenager, he was caught between the world of basketball and the world of music. Due to the many injuries he suffered while playing for Sparta Bertrange, he decided after completing his studies, to focus more on the music. He supported many different brass bands and various Luxemburgish music ensembles such as the “Bartrenger Bléiser” among others.

In 2014, Pier performed for the first time with Schëppe Siwen at the opening of the IIHF World Championship Div. III on the ice rink in Kockelscheuer. With his incredibly precise and clear trumpet sound, he gave the song a special character and convinced the band to permanently include the trumpet in their music. On stage, Pier enchants the audience with his groovy trumpet sound, which perfectly fits the dynamic style of Schëppe Siwen.




Marc grew up in a family of musicians and was introduced to the trumpet by his father, who was himself a trumpet player. Marc got his music education in the UGDA and the Conservatory of Luxembourg City from early age on. Throughout the years, his passion for music never ceased, even though he chose to become a professional sports teacher.

Since the age of 10, he’s playing with Pier and Titi in the music ensemble of Bertrange as well as in the “Bartrénger Bléiser”, a brass band that musically accompanies sport events such as basketball games or the ING Night Marathon.

After the band Schëppe Siwen decided to include a brass section, Marc chose to support Pier in this challenge. He is a passionate trumpet player, who animates the crowd with spontaneous, interactive impulses during the live sets. When not playing the trumpet on stage, he supports the drummer with his beloved tambourine.




Titi’s love for music has its roots in early childhood. His first contact with classical music was during the ‘early musical education’ (‘éveil musical’). After this notable encounter, he decided to start his music career. He took trumpet lessons and joined the Orchestra of Bertrange. During his school days, he changed high school to get an education with a special focus on music. At the Conservatory of Luxembourg, he continued his classical music education by solfeggio, harmony, classical trumpet lessons and began at the same time a music education with emphasis on jazz theory and harmony. He joined a jazz ensemble and began learning jazz trumpet. Nowadays Titi plays not only trumpet with Schëppe Siwen, but also in various other music groups, including the orchestra of Bertrange and Schifflange as well as the big band "Crazy Cube".

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